Born in Pakistan, raised in the United Arab Emirates and globe trotting since she was five, Mahroo has developed a passion for culture and history. She's found that humans have much more in common with each other than they know. She believes it is her duty to make the world see that. 
But for now, she is finishing her BFA in Packaging Design at her dream school, Fashion Institute of Technology (which she still can't believe she's attending). She loves reading Jane Austen. On Sunday evenings, she watches historical documentaries such as The Recreational Objects Created By The Indus Civilizations, to name a few.
In her dreams, she kerns letters and designs grid systems. She wakes up ecstatic, because in reality, she does just that. She also loves getting to know new people, so don't be afraid to shoot her a message below about ANYTHING that is design!
Thank you!